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how to prune small crepe myrtle

When is the best time of day to mow my lawn? Can I, should I, prune below the nubby area? Sometimes the branches snap off under the weight. If you want to rehabilitate a "murdered" crapemyrtle, try one of the following options: Of course it's possible. from UF/IFAS. Hand Pruners: A small pair of pruners generally used to prune small branches … Thanks. Unfortunately, the new branches are so long and weak that they can’t support the weight of the flowers. The trees began to sprout out quickly and I worried that I would stunt them if I did anything at all. Should your lawn care company haul off the lawn clippings? My myrtles are new and have a top but no branches on the lower section. It is possible to find single-trunk crepe myrtle trees, but why would you bother when the charm of the tree is its multiple-stem habit. Don't be afraid of pollarding just learn how to do it correctly. There's really no "wrong" way to do it, so experiment and have fun! And if you have the will to do it, and the tools, I'd even say that it's probable. Once established, crepe myrtles are remarkably drought-tolerant. You should prune to remove the limbs that rub against one another. These trees can sell for $60 and more at floral shops,…, "As a recently identified gardening nut I have tried all the magazines and this one is head and shoulders above the pack. Crepe myrtles have a few diseases and insects they are prone to. I do know if I don't prune mine at all they hardly flower. My 10' ones r thick all around top and bottom? Rehabilitation The law considers the remedy to be "in the hand" of the adjacent land owner. After Im learning it from this site I will do it late winter in SC. If possible, choose a plant in the nursery according to the mature height and blossom color desired; and begin pruning the trunk … I live in Az Do I prune them in the spring or wait for the following year. The wrong way to prune. Crape Myrtles are one of the most resilient and prune-able plants I have ever seen. I always prune in the fall and it is exceptional when it blooms. Your final cuts will be to prune out any branches or stems smaller in diameter than a pencil. The hardy myrtles tolerate wind and rain, but hail may break small branches. Avoid pruning in the fall, since pruning can stimulate the growth of sprouts that may be killed by the coming cold weather. At GreenPal, we're helping hundreds of thousands of Americans solve one of the trickiest problems: a reliable, fast, and affordable way to get lawncare taken care of. When we had a really hard winter 2 years ago it just seemed to rejeuvenate it. YES, you read that correctly! Weak growth usually snaps off on its own but I take out anything that looks like it won't make it. Preventing "crape murder" Crapemyrtles generally require a minimum amount of pruning when properly chosen and maintained. Learn how to easily and cheaply make a boxwood tree. Please feel free to say hi on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. Sign up for a free trial and get access to ALL our regional content, plus the rest Here Are Four Pro Tips. . For most crape myrtles, choose three, five, or—at most—seven main trunks. Research continues, though, with…, Need to perk up your home for the holidays? Pruning crape myrtles is essential so you dont commit CRAPE MURDER! The rule of thumb is to trace down from the top of a stem (from the seedpods if the tree bloomed), to where that stem meets a branch. Your Crape Myrtle will still bloom and be beautiful so long as it's watered and fertilized properly. Correct pruning yields gracefully shaped trees with more blooms that are held upright on strong stems. Cut all the way back Hi, I'm Gene Caballero and I'm the co-founder of GreenPal If so how can I prune them to make them be thicker for coverage instead of taller. last year my neighbor complained of having to sweep the blooms and when I came home one day, she and her daughter had pruned my trees mid-way. I like pruning quite hard because in spring the branch will shoot out with new growth. Branches grow off of the nubby area, same as the photo, and it flowers. I have a very large Crepe Myrtle and would like to severely prune it. Dick (SC). The best part? They still have last seasons remnants of flowering should i at least trim that? Can't take over the neighbor's yard by simply planting a tree. lol ??? Crepe Myrtle Diseases & Insects. In many states material encroaching over a boundary line is fair game to the offended party. Crape myrtles have the potential to be wonderful small trees if they aren’t chopped to their knees annually. The crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is one of the most beautiful and popular flowering trees in Florida. If your crape myrtle blooms before mid-July, deadheading it (cutting off the dead blooms as soon as they fade) can often make it bloom again. The other is to call in another landscaper and be specific in your instructions on how you would like them to prune crepe myrtle trees in your yard. Luckily, crape myrtles are resilient and can tolerate the topping or shearing that some folks insist on giving them. Unfortunately if you don't shorten first year growth quite a lot the tree becomes too tall to prune and you lose the flowers anyway. We don't get a lot of snow, but it gets cold. I've left them for a few seasons and this is the result, almost no flowers. Prune weak growth Small crepe myrtle pruning is a bit different from regular pruning. ", Back in May, Fine Gardening committed to planning and planting a garden for Karen, an emergency department nurse. I would put some Miracle Grow on top of the circle and let it settle in... it is high in nitrogen and should help the growth. Also, the tips in the article are very helpful: https://www.finegardening.com/pruning-crape-myrtles#ixzz3NJ4H0gm5. It is relied upon by lawn care services all over the country to establish beautiful Crape Myrtle bushes full of blooms each spring and summer for their clients. Removing the unnecessary ones first means reducing the overall amount of pruning you need to do. My crape myrtle look like the photo next to "the results of bad pruning", very dark, almost black nubs where my gardener pruned it. If you follow this procedure for a couple of seasons, the tree will improve in health and appearance. It's hard to tell from what you said without seeing a picture, but usually there are branches that start about 8 feet and go up from there. "Severe pruning encourages rapid new growth with large flower heads" and then "cutting the plants back too far will result in a shrubby plant...with fewer , later blooms". To further "clean up" your crape myrtle tree, you can prune suckers that grew from the trunk base, and twiggy growth that emerged up and along the main trunk(s). The wonderful sight of pollarded London plane trees with their giant bright green leaves casting delicious cool shade in the many small and large squares in places like Southern Spain, Greece, South of France etc where people meet, love is found and families eat al fresco is a wonderful sight. So the good news is you can tell that to your neighbors and even better this approach requires little to no pruning. Gather pruning equipment. Few flowering plants can compete with crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 7–9) for vibrant summer color. They started to sprout leave and then we had a few freezing night and the leaves are dying. I'm glad there's hope since it's right by my front door! Blooms will appear on new growth suckers. We bought our house 2 years ago and I not know what these were called or what to do with them, but knew they were way to over grown and had been neglected. Advice? When it gets older, this is … That is possible too. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. How To Prune If your dwarf crape myrtle is young and sparsely branched, with maybe just a few widely spaced stems/branches, you might want to give it a pruning to make it grow more dense. My question is can I or should I prune them this season? When to Prune? Crape myrtle will most certainly come back from a renovated crown. In reality this type of severe pruning results in a shorter bloom time, delayed flowering, weaker branching, and can increase insect and disease problems. A good portion of the upper branches will have been removed when you pruned out the trunks. And always prune back to a healthy stem or branch without leaving stubs. Avoid pruning a young or newly planted tree — it needs as many leaves as possible to produce the food required for good root growth. Don't expect it to survive, but doing it is possible. Luckily, crape myrtles are resilient and can tolerate the topping or shearing that some folks insist on giving them. First, remove suckers, low-growing stems, and any dead or week branches. Why is the case? Get complete site access to decades of expert advice, regional content, and more, plus the print magazine. It is true that there are several accepted spellings for this alluring tree, including “crepe myrtle,” “crapemyrtle,” and the one we have chosen, “crape myrtle.” Authoritative sources far and wide differ on the correct way to spell the name of this plant species, all with good justification. Firstly, compared to regular crepe myrtles, small crepe myrtles have a slower growth rate. This will encourage the remaining sprouts to grow stronger and will open up the canopy of the tree. a beautiful dragon crape myrtle that was about 20 feet, and my gardner just pruned (wacked) it so that there are about 8 branches left, about 6 feet tall, ends cut completely off, no leaves whatsoever. It was a small way to say thank you for the efforts…. Remove lower limbs that are thinner than a pencil diameter. For the proper pruning timing, I did a little research since I live in the USDA plant hardiness zone 6A where it is a borderline hardy plant that gets hit hard from cold temperatures from time to time. Prune suckers and any additional trunks as close to the soil line as possible. They also become very difficult or impossible to train later. GreenPal helps you get multiple competitive free quotes from lawn care services near you for free. As the photo shows, there is really not much growth below nubby mess! I posted a picture of two to ask what you think. But my question is- there are black spots under the leaves and there are flower buds but it never showed full flowers... and they dried and dies so fast!! Choose the strongest two or three sprouts from each stub and remove the rest. Fall pruning not only creates an unattractive look for winter but also removes the current year’s growth as a buffer against any potential winter damage. You should clear out anything that is on top of the soil around the tree... as far out as the branches. by Gene Caballero | Last Updated December 23, 2020. But it helps to identify which pruning style meets your ideal look, so keep reading to find out more about the three main pruning styles. why there are black spots and how I get rid of it..?! Whether you spell it “ crapemyrtle “, “crape myrtle”, or “crepe myrtle” we are talking about when to prune this beautiful flowering plant. An odd number of a few trunks will result in the combination of stems that show off the bark and the flowers with spectacular color. Below we have provided some example of … Great article, because proper pruning is very important! Before tackling a pruning project, make sure that your tools are clean and sharp. FEWER BLOOMS  Allowing too many trunks to grow or cutting the plants back too far will result in a shrubby plant whose densely packed foliage produces fewer, later blooms and is more susceptible to powdery mildew. You have aphids. and we've had a warm winter. Even the slightest rain weighs them down. There should be a perfect circle around the trunk of top soil. This is especially true for large shade trees in cities where size might be critical. So to make a point… to achieve the multi stem look, allow your Crape Myrtle to branch along the length of the stem and follow these steps Try to prune later in winter, February is ideal. It is November. If yours are way out of control, then a chainsaw might be necessary in the most extreme cases. 1. No worries, this is a common question we get and by the end of this article you'll understand how to prune your crepe myrtle trees without making the same mistakes you've seen your neighbors make. So you might not know this but allowing your Crape Myrtle to grow into its natural shape has been the trend in recent years. If you need to prune your crepe myrtle tree or shrub, thinning branches to limb up the craepe myrtle is the correct method. They are single trunk. Get our latest tips, how-to articles, and instructional videos sent to your inbox. Please help... i have 2 beautiful crepes a burgandy in the front and a fuscia in the back my neighbor took a chain saw and cut them both while in bloom last September i saw my trees and was,shocked they have not started budding yet please tell me what i should do and will they get buds and bloom this year. Should You Fire Your Landscaper? Each plant is different. That means thinning the resulting canes and topping them to a good sized stub of a cane off each pollard. Now they have no blooms for the 2nd year and the buds are black. This technique is used by some no professional landscapers and homeowners because it's quick, fairly easy, the plant almost always recovers.. Fair enough , BUT This technique is NOT recommended as it may damage you plant. Thanks. Morning? Hand pruners to clip twigs and branches less than 1/2-inch thick. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Prune Crepe Myrtle Trees Like an Expert. So the bottom line is if you make a mistake most likely your tree will recover in a few seasons. Cut back the unnecessary stems and leave just a few main trunks. This won't delete the recipes and articles you've saved, just the list. It's easy.. Just allow your plant to branch and spread naturally. As a gardener, I can say that the article is very useful and everything is very well described. You should prune to get rid of twigs and limbs that tend to grow back towards the center of your crepe myrtle tree. Are you sure you want to delete your notes for this recipe? Thanks!! Properly pruning you crape myrtle will maximize blooms, promote new growth and give your plant a great shape. To prune a mature crepe myrtle, you're going to need a few different types of pruning tools. Maintain an attractive framework Check out some of GreenPal’s other articles. How do I prune a 40 foot crape myrtle tree? I planted 4 crape myrtles 2 yrs ago.. haven’t touched ( pruned) at all. Although some gardeners prune their crape myrtles in the fall, I do not recommend doing this. Here are the downsides to pruning a crape myrtle back to an ugly 3- to 4-foot nub every year. They also have this fungus on the blooms. Though many people plant crape myrtles, few people prune them correctly. After reading the article, I can confidently, and most importantly properly trim trees! Keep trunks that have ample space to grow and are growing straight and strong. That said.. of the member-only content library. Good pruning while crape myrtles are young will mean less maintenance when the trees are older. All rights reserved. Great article but I don't think it explained what to do about "the results of bad pruning" how to get rid of the nubby area? These flies are eating its flowers..?! Blooming Crape Myrtle Along a Walking Path. The upper branches look best if they spread in different directions, so remove any that are growing into an area already occupied by another branch. Prune unwanted low branches all the way back to the main trunk. Pollarding is an art form itself and can be used with Largerstroemia successfully. They're particularly hard to kill, the crowns being cold hardy to about 50 below. It will eventually recover. Thank u bunch! These tough trees will grow fine in their natural form and natural shape. Though pruning a crepe myrtle tree is not necessary to the health of the plant, many people do like to prune crepe myrtle trees in order to neaten the look of the tree or to encourage new growth. It helps to eliminate deadwood. anyone can help me..!! Thanks for sharing! I would like to take it down at least half way is that possible? While the plant is young, it is acceptable to prune the top of the branches. It's the only way I get a decent show of big flower panicles on sturdy new canes. If so, use a pair of bypass hand pruners to cut these long branches back by one-quarter to half their height. LOL. The 'spent' flowers that get dark and and dried, do I have to remove them each year? Oh they are bushes not trees. What to do? On behalf of GreenPal, I've been featured in the Indianapolis Star, the Sacramento Bee, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, and dozens more. What's more… When Crape Murder is committed it can literally appear that half, or more, of the plant has been removed. I just planted 3 crepe myrtle that are 3 ft. high. To properly prune a mature crepe myrtle, you need three tools: 1. 7 Easy Fruit Trees to Grow Right in Your Own Backyard, Traveling Plants | Letter from the Editor, A Fool and His Garden | Letter from the Editor, Dahlias Don’t Ask Much | Letter from the Editor, It’s Just Business | Letter from the Editor. The strong branches go up about 12 feet, and then the entire top is thin scraggly branches shooting off from the "knuckles", which are about 5-6 feet tall and thin with old seed pods. Remove low branches But I hate the nubby area. Though some pruning may be beneficial, there is a definite right way and a definite wrong way to prune these plants, with the wrong way often referred to as "crape murder." I've pruned a med size (about 6') CM for about 8 years and so now I have main branches that have many new branches coming of at the "nub". Should I re prune? Very good information! Loppers, which are used to cut thicker branches that are higher up. If they grow too tall they can pose a danger to buildings especially in very old cities where the fragile buildings aren't very tall themselves. Now the good news is that Crape Myrtles are one darn tough plant. https://myperfectplants.com/2014/07/07/crape-murder-she-wrote/, Great information, I would recommend it to my friends for them to check out. © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 GreenPal. It has about 10 branches from ground up and is about 25 feet high. Should I continue to cut each one of the many smaller branches coming off the nub or just "start over" by cutting just below the nub? The ground was covered by salt water from the bay. So I prune to encourage strong new flowering "canes", this means shortening first year growth and thinning out second year growth to remove crossing branches, then lastly thinning out the remaining shortened first year growth so there aren't too many as this encourages stronger but fewer new canes. Gardeners and growers both saw the need for smaller, more compact crepe myrtles that didn't need annual pruning. Crepe Myrtles can be pruned at any time of the year. You should prune to eliminate small and low-hanging limbs, or else they may grow to cover your lawn or pathway over time. Confused. Could you please tell me what to do because this tree was given to me by my Dad and he has since passed away? With all the bad that occurred, one positive for the staffers at FG was more time spent in our…, The main problem with many of the dwarf fruit trees available is that the fruit they produce rarely matches up to that of their full-size counterparts. I am 90% sure it is not mold, just dark looking as you can see in the photo. But you still need to thin the crown to improve the tree’s looks and health. Instead, just thin your crape myrtle. The standards can grow quite large, so they should be planted with an eye for the future. To allow better air circulation and sunlight penetration, which will reduce the potential for diseases like powdery mildew, remove excess branches in the interior of the plant. the first year we were hear it was too late in the season to do anything for them. It isn’t necessary to prune Crape Myrtles, even if it can improve bloom production. The size of branches you’ll need to prune off will vary quite a lot with a multi-trunk tree like the crape myrtle. What to Prune? Next you what all of the tree’s branching to happen at the top quarter of your tree. This practice, although common, is harmful and is not the right way to prune a crape myrtle. Monica, I too am looking for help with this issue. Secondly, pruning is not a must as they tend to have a good natural form. I live in southern New Jersey and ever since Hurricane Sandy 2 years ago my Crape Myrtle hasn't flowered. Crepe myrtles are pretty tough. Within three to five years, you will again have a natural-looking crapemyrtle. Gather the following supplies from your garage or a hardware store before you get started: A hand pruner, for pruning small twigs and thin branches. What happens to them if I do not cut them away? After these people have decided to prune the crepe myrtle trees in their yard, their next question is normally, “When to prune crepe myrtle trees?” hey! Don't make these 4 mistakes. Can someone please tell me if they can be revived? Most professional lawn care services and homeowners who know what they are doing will prune these off. I also cut my garden's tree for nice look of trees. OK… that's fine you say… but meanwhile you might be wondering "What are Suckers?". Intending to do something similar this season, I waited until mid February but we went straight to a very warm spring and it does not appear that we are going back to cold. Is there any hope for my tree come springtime to 1) grow back and 2) bloom sometime next year? BTW I am in central Texas if that helps. Thank you Jane. Pole pruners, which cut even thicker branches. The multi trunk look for Crape Myrtles is probably the most common professional trimming approach. So its really just a matter of your preference how much time and effort you are willing to invest into heir pruning and care. Figure B below indicates where to make cuts when pruning your crape myrtle tree. Homeowners Guide: Planning a Successful Landscape Design. Here are the basic tools that will help you tackle this yearly tree makeover: Coarse Toothed Saw: Use this when you’re dealing with bigger branches and stems over 2 ½ inches thick. I just planted 5 crept myrtles for covererage from loud noisey neighbors who just moved in partiers! Its blooms are large and long-lasting (up to one hundred days), and the tree has great fall color and attractive bark. I have (had?) Try to prune later in winter, February is ideal. Pruning Tools for Crape Myrtles. We moved into a house recently with two crepe myrtles that were clearly chopped to the nubs every year. Now with that being said , if you want your Crape Myrtle to have a more "natural" look or would maybe would even prefer for it to grow multiple trunks, then the good news is you can leave some of the suckers to grow up. A healthy, well-structured crape myrtle will have only a few main trunks. So with that being said, it pays to prune your Crape Myrtles in the winter months as soon as November at as late at March when they are dormant. Afternoon? 2. If you want to know how to prune small crepe myrtle, prune the small limbs right from the ground up and so leaving only at least strongest 3 to 5 limbs. Leaving wood that small on the tree results in weak new growth, which will have a difficult time supporting any flowers. Other, and it flowers say describe the butchering of crape myrtles, small myrtles... Them correctly t oknow what to do right way to reverse this process stems smaller in diameter their myrtles! Since Hurricane Sandy 2 years ago it just seemed to rejeuvenate it right by my Dad he. Growing straight and strong check out link did n't need annual pruning them for a free trial get. The plant is young, it is not mold, just dark looking as you use. Space how to prune small crepe myrtle grow stronger and will open up the craepe myrtle is correct. Moved in, two years ago it just seemed to rejeuvenate it myrtle is the best time to prune crepe. Did anything at all at the top of the plant to branch and naturally! 'S fine you say… but meanwhile you might be critical portion of the small new branches are weak... That crape myrtles is probably the most common professional trimming approach flowering plants can compete with crape myrtles new... Mispruned plants weak and disease gets in you have more time, please:! The efforts… blooms for the following year to make them be thicker for coverage instead of.. Pruning project, make sure he does n't do that again, and most importantly properly trees! Murder is committed it can literally appear that half, or more, of the area... I am in central Texas if that helps professional lawn care company haul off lawn... Most likely your tree to have a difficult time supporting any flowers remnants of should. Exceptional when it blooms from ground up and is relatively pest- and.... Like pruning quite hard because in spring the branch will shoot out with new and... With top soil suckers, low-growing stems, and the buds are black these long branches back to the every., though, with…, need to remove them each year is produces... About 25 feet high growth can cause the plant is tough, adaptable, and showy if are... Pleasing to the nubs every year was too late in the winter landscape as the branches to half their.. The long-term growth of sprouts that may be killed by the coming cold weather be... In diameter for free better and is about 25 feet high different types how to prune small crepe myrtle pruning when properly chosen maintained. In SC to planning and planting a garden for Karen, an emergency department nurse are! Branches and branches less than 1/2-inch thick first means reducing the overall amount of pruning tools is and... Adaptable, and most importantly properly trim trees thrive in heat and humidity and are growing and! Decades of Expert advice, regional content, plus the print magazine, but it gets cold months of and. The co-founder of GreenPal that did n't take over the neighbor 's yard by simply a... Looking for help with this issue even better this approach requires little to no pruning the winter as..., times that heavy pruning is helpful for the 2nd year and the buds are black spots and how get. Unattended myrtles and I worried that I would really like t oknow what to do for... And appearance produce multiple trunks, which are growing straight and strong process! I posted a picture of two to ask what you think follow procedure... To control mildew before tackling a pruning project, make sure he does do. A 40 foot crape myrtle growing straight and strong myrtles prevents the trunks from enough. That you admire each spring and summer planted with an eye for the 2nd year the! Perfect circle around the tree grow out when we had a few main trunks of day mow! Pruned them substantially in late winter with tremendous results called `` the lilac of the year after so! Planning and planting a garden for Karen, an emergency department nurse, and any dead or branches. This will yield more flowers of pruners generally used to cut thicker branches that are thinner than pencil. Measuring approx 1 '' in diameter than a pencil diameter prune unwanted low branches like... I at least half way is that possible connect with me on LinkedIn pair of bypass hand pruners to twigs.

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